Become an Expert

If you’ve published a book, you are an expert on that book’s topic. Experts share their knowledge with others, so here are some ways to further your expert status and share what you know.

How-To’s for the Expert

Here are a few places you can share your knowledge, extend your reach, and spread the word about your book. Just remember to mention your book in your byline and offer a link to your website.

  1. Write articles both for print and online
  2. Become a HARO (Help A Reporter Out) source
  3. Get active on LinkedIn, linking to those articles you’ve written
  4. Write Op-Ed pieces on the core message of your story for local newspaper
  5. Write freelance pieces to niche publications if your core message has a cause
  6. Use to promote your speaking gigs on your core message
  7. Host webinars
  8. Create a series of web-videos interviewing other experts on the core message of your story
  9. Do bookstore events around your core message, invite others to join you
  10. Create a Meetup group or a BookClub group for those passionate about your core message

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What ways have you shared your expertise? Please share because experts are always willing to share.

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