How to Market Your Self-Published Book
While writing your book can be seen as the easy part, marketing can feel like an unknown world to you. It doesn’t matter how many books you have written; if you want your fiction book to be read, you’ll need to market it. Thankfully, there have never been more options to market your self-published book.
How to Find Beta Readers and Strategies for Effective Feedback
Are you a writer seeking valuable feedback on your manuscript before it's published? You may be ready for beta readers! Beta readers can help you refine your manuscript before you start the formal editing process and publish your book.
How to Find an Illustrator for a Self-Published Book
Working with an illustrator who understands your book's vision and wants to help you bring your book to life is critical when self-publishing your children's book. Choosing the right illustrator is one of the most important decisions you'll make during the publishing process.

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