Self-Publishing Terms You Should Know
If you’re beginning your self-publishing journey, you may feel overwhelmed with the terminology and acronyms in the self-publishing industry. However, knowing these terms will help you make the best decision when going through the process of self-publishing your book.
Why You Should Pay a Self-Publishing Partner to Publish Your Book
Most advice in the self-publishing industry will tell you to avoid paying a publisher to publish your book. The reason is the rise in so-called vanity presses, which charge high fees for publishing your novel, only to cut corners regarding distribution and delivery.
Avoiding Self-Publishing Scams: What You Need to Know About Vanity Presses
Navigating and avoiding potential scams is an essential part of researching how to self-publish your book. New and established authors can easily fall prey to publishing companies who offer a churn-and-burn publishing model while making big promises but under-delivering.

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