The Self-Publishing Process: Step-by-Step


If you’re a new author looking to self-publish your first book, you may feel overwhelmed with the process. This is a natural feeling, especially when it’s your first time going through the process.

Self-Publishing Terminology: What is POD?

If you’re a new author starting out on your self-publishing journey, you may be curious about some commonly used terminology. One term that many new authors have questions about is POD, or “print-on-demand.”

Managing Your Time and Sanity: Part 2

Last issue, we looked at mission statements and how they keep us from becoming overloaded with “good” things that are “bad” for you mission! That brings us to the “D-4 Formula,” which keeps us from over-loading our lives.

Managing Your Time and Sanity Part 1

Is life coming at you like the old video game, Asteroids?!

Well, let go of the joystick, sit down and relax. Here is my exclusive formula for managing your time . . . and sanity.

Become an Expert


If you’ve published a book, you are an expert on that book’s topic. Experts share their knowledge with others, so here are some ways to further your expert status and share what you know

How to Stay Connected to Your Readers


One of the biggest challenges for authors is determining how best to stay connected to their readers. There are many options for us today and here are a few you might wish to explore.