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At EABooks Publishing, we encourage authors to go hybrid, which means doing both self or partnership publishing AND traditional publishing when the choice is the best fit. This chart will help you see the differences and understand when you may want to choose each option.

Comparing EABooks with the Traditional Publishing Option

EABooks Partnership Publishing

  • You take the Risk–some like this because when you put in the effort, you reap the rewards

  • You Invest the Money—with EA it is not as much as with some but you are putting your own money forward, but you also keep 100% of your profits

  • Covers–with EA you can supply your own, which could be bad, or you can use our designers and that can be great if you are willing to listen to their advice

  • Editing–yes, you will pay for the level of editing you get, but all of our books are edited, which is a plus. And our editors do not want to change your voice

  • Prestige–this is becoming less of an issue as we raise the quality in the industry, but let’s face it, we aren’t one of the big names

  • Bookstores–it is a struggle to get your book onto the shelves at your local bookstores. We have ways to help this happen, but it will require leg-work on your part

  • Shelf-Life—your book will remain on bookshelves as long as you want it to be there and are promoting it. We can also publish revised editions quickly without having to wait for a print run to sell out

  • Profits–with EABooks our authors keep 100% of their profits. They are making on average a $10 profit from each book they personally sell, making earning out what they invested in publishing the book a strong possibility
Traditional Publishing

  • They take the Risk—publishers evaluate projects on a risk analysis and if they pick you up, they are betting you are a good risk

  • They Invest the Money—you are not paying for editing, cover design, formatting, printing, distribution. With some that could be as much as $45,000 for a new author

  • Covers–this is usually a benefit because they hire the best, but you do lose control. What they determine they want is usually what you get, even if you disagree

  • Editing–they hire the best so this is usually a plus, but sometimes the publisher has a different view than what you had and will require you to make substantive changes. Often this is for the best but not always

  • Prestige–there is nothing like saying you were contracted with one of the big named publishers, or even traditionally published by one of the smaller houses

  • Bookstores–this is where the traditional publishers shine. If your readers primarily shop at Christian bookstores, then this is where you should focus your efforts

  • Self-Life—traditional books have a 3-4 month promotional window and if they sell well maybe six months. Then the books are moved to the back for the newer releases. Contracts often allow publishers to keep these in perpetuity even if they no longer promote them

  • Profits–most publishers no longer offer an advance, and royalties are between 8%-12% of net, meaning a profit of less than $1 for each book sold through the publisher. Author cost is usually $8-$9

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