Living Parables was created in 2011 in response to God’s nudging to use our profits for Kingdom work. We operate under a board of directors as a 501c3 and thus use our profits to support underfunded Christian ministries with financial and business development support. EABooks Publishing is a division of Living Parables, as is our other publishing imprints.

Vision Statement

Living Parables of Central Florida, Inc. supports Christian charities providing for the needs of their communities. Ministries are encouraged to join hands and hearts with like-minded charities to better meet unmet needs in their communities. Annually, the Board of Directors chooses the recipients of financial support for their missions and business coaching. 

Mission Statement

To empower start-up, nonprofit organizations financially, spiritually, and with sound business knowledge to participate successfully as a responsible 501(c)3 organization that contributes to the Kingdom work of God. 

To apply for financial assistance, click below. The deadline is October 1, and money will be distributed in January of the following calendar year.

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