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Recent Releases

Prayers For The People

Dr. William B. Coker, Sr.

I listened to a podcast on Novel Marketing titled “10 Decisions Every Indie Author Needs to Make.”

The conversation was helpful and informative. When they talked about what tools an author needed to be able to format her book, I sent praises up for you and EABooks.

They told us we’d have to—

– decide on and do Formatting?

– do my own typesetting or hire out?

– decide on book size (outside measurements and page count)?

– decide on POD or Offset Printing?

– upload book to KDP Amazon and IngramSpark?

– decide on such things as audiobook and find/select the speaker/reader?

I thought you are not talking about my indie publisher. I did not have to do typesetting or format our book. I have Robin.

As they were talking, I kept thinking about you and EABooks and how much you have done for me and my husband’s book.

I owe you a big THANKS and a ( ( hug ) ).

Ann Coker

The Golden Scroll

Joy Marie Morris

Writers, rejoice! If any of you long to use your talents for the Lord, this is the place to start. The folks at EABooks Publishing are incredible. Their knowledge, expertise, kindness, encouragement, and positive attitude make them a joy to work with. When I first began writing, my enthusiasm was great, but my ignorance was far greater. From the first moment I met Cheri Cowell, I felt supported and encouraged. She made it clear that this was MY book and it would be what I wanted it to be. Each person I worked with on her staff was a delight. These people are incredible. They do it all with knowledge, efficiency, and grace.

– Joy Marie Morris

Finally Free

Patty Mason

I knew God was up to something the moment I met Cheri Cowell. I thank God for leading me to EABooks. I absolutely loved the experience and the privilege of working with each of them. Thank you, Peter Lundell, Kristen Veldhuis, Dawn Staymates, Tanya Shanley, and Bob Ousnamer for your professionalism, patience, and compassion. Through you God made Finally Free: Breaking the Bonds of Depression Without Drugs a reality. It was a blessing and a joy to work with you.

– Patty Mason


Wes Craven

“I can’t say enough good things about everyone at EA Publishing. The whole team; Cheri, Wanda, Tanya Kristen, and especially Krystine; was amazing in giving their expert guidance and exceptional labor to take my book from a concept to a reality. Through every phase of the publishing process, even when some changes became necessary, they always communicated with me so that my book remained my book. God bless and Thank you so very much. I truly hope we can do it again in the very near future.”

– Rev. Wes Craven,

Author and Illustrator

I am Malchus

Children’s Book by Simone Nash

Journey to the Cross

Free Indeed

Praying for Godly Character

In 1619 Nobody was “White”

Touching the Clouds

See You Later, Jeffrey

He Calls Me

Hunt for a Hometown Killer

Real Life. Real Ladies.

Confronting Dementia

Behind the Halo

Jacob’s Journey – Introducing Jacob

Tracy Felix


Yo soy yo

Katelyn S. Herrygers


It’s Me, Not You

Laura McPherson


Avoiding Marriage

Karin Beery


Lena’s Zinnias

Missy Rolfe


Prayers For The People

Dr. William B. Coker, Sr.


Philippians: Learning To Love Others

Elizabeth Grider


Dropping Anchor

Lisa C. Whitaker


Ospreys Glide High In The Sky

Barbara J. Hattemer


Journey Transformed

Juanita V. Copley


My Angel Was The Cable Guy

Lynne White Poole


Harkening Unto Jesus

Mary F. Caltenco



A Quaker Behind The Dream

Brenda Walker Beadenkopf


good dogs, Good God

Darcey K. Beale


Beautiful Disruption

CJ Cutrone


Daughters of Hope

Myrna Folkert


Joy Unfolding

Bette J. Lafferty


Living In The Victory

Charlotte Jewell


God Through The Storms

Dot Roberts with Ricky Roberts, PH.D.


The Crash of the Dragonfly

Carolyn Searls


Dear God, HELP!

Betty J. Simpson


Hope for Hurting Parents Participant (Spanish)

Tom & Dena Yohe


Hope for Hurting Parents (Esperanza para Padres Que Sufren): Grupo de Apoyo Guía para el Facilitador (Spanish)

Tom & Dena Yohe


The Perfect Place To Pray

Angel Clove



The Weaving Of Threads – Book One

Lee E. Eddy


My Cherokee Rose

Reba Rhyne


The Six At Chestnut Hill Farm

Reba Rhyne


The Tipton’s of Tybbington Before and Beyond Part 1

Reba Rhyne


The Tipton’s of Tybbington Before and Beyond Part 2

Reba Rhyne


The Curse and The Promise of The Golden Scroll

Joy Marie Morris


The Catch

Myrna Griffth


Anger of the King

J.B. Shepherd



The Ultimate Confederate Bond Checklist

Michael Cutright


What-If Leadership Journal

Ruth Esau


ADHD: You’ve Got My Attention

Bob Ossler & Janice Hall Heck


Children’s Books

God Is Watching Over You

Brenda Sue Bynum



Wes Craven


Victor Discovers Treasure

Sharon Deur


Ospreys Glide High In The Sky

Barbara Hattemer


Ellie The Elephant Has Lost Her New Bow and My Dog The Goat

Doreen Johnson


I Am Me

Katelyn S. Herrygers


Playing With The Moon

Trisha Caldwell


A Big, Big Gift

Dana Marie Bucci


A Simple Gift

Darla Fewox Bell


Manny The Lamb

Rick Lancaster & Delores Kight



Journey Transformed

Juanita V. Copley


Treasures In Darkneww

Donna M. Gallagher


A Cry of the Heart

Debra Rush

with Penelope Childers


The Light Through My Tunnel

Mary Varga


Bible Studies

Philippians: Learning To Love Others

Elizabeth Grider



Prayer Power

Peter Lundell


Quiet Moments In The Villages

Doris Hoover



The God You Need To Know

Linda Evans Shepherd


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