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What sets EABooks Audiobooks apart from the other companies?

The EABooks Audiobook Division consists of our director, professional narrator, sound engineer, and cover designer. You are not a project to these people but a child of God called to deliver a message that we have the honor to help bring to the audiobook world. Quotes based on word count.

John Copeland – Director of EABooks-Audiobook Division

Here are the steps:

  1. An audiobook begins with a print or ebook. If you have those, the next step is to check your rights. Do you own the audiobook rights?
  2. If so, then schedule a 15-minute free consultation below. We learn about your book and your audiobook needs. If you have the word count for your book, we can give you a price range during this phone call. If you wish to narrate yourself, you will need to record a sample for our Director of Audiobooks, who will check the sound quality against the requirements for distribution.
  3. Next, our Director of Audiobooks will schedule a phone call with you, explain the process in detail, and provide a personal quote.
  4. He will send samples from our professional narrators chosen specifically for you and your book, and you will then select a narrator who will record a sample from your book.
  5. After you’ve heard and approved your narrator, a contract will be prepared.
  6. You and your narrator will discuss your preferences, specific pronunciations, and details about your book before the recording begins.
  7. Your cover designer will work with you on the cover, and an ISBN number will be assigned.
  8. The completed recording will be reviewed by you, making notes of changes needed. Once changes are approved and corrected, postproduction sound engineering will be completed.
  9. Finally, your professionally narrated and sound-engineered audiobook will be uploaded for distribution everywhere audiobooks are sold, including Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Cross-Current, and
  10. All audiobook files are returned to you, and you will be able to sell them from your own website or as downloads at events.

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