Why You Should Pay a Self-Publishing Partner to Publish Your Book

Most advice in the self-publishing industry will tell you to avoid paying a publisher to publish your book. The reason is the rise in so-called vanity presses, which charge high fees for publishing your novel, only to cut corners regarding distribution and delivery. The result is often a poor-quality book unsuitable for general distribution. However, there are circumstances where it’s beneficial to pay someone to help publish your book for you. Publishing partners, like EABooks Publishing, charge fees for services such as editing, distributing, and marketing. Unlike vanity presses, publishing partners are dedicated to the success of your book—not publishing a mediocre story with rushed and low-quality formatting. Additionally, at EABooks, we only charge for the work we do on your behalf to get your professionally produced book out into the world and into your hands. We do not assign a retail price that prices you out of the market, you set your own retail price. We don’t require you to purchase books. The cost for you to purchase your own book is the actual cost, we don’t add extra fees. We set you up to be paid directly by the distributors, so we are not a middleman, which means you are keeping 100% of your profits, and we take nothing. Here’s are a few more reasons it is beneficial to pay a self-publishing partner to help publish your book for you.  


Save Time 

Self-publishing your book is gratifying—but also extremely time-consuming. If you’re not tech-savvy, the thought of formatting and uploading your book for distribution may be enough to halt the entire process. Instead of spending all your energy tediously checking margins, formatting text, and learning all there is to know about the publishing process, a publishing partner can handle it for you. We work with you to get your book out to interested readers so that you can focus on writing. 



We have decades of experience in the Christian publishing industry and use it to your advantage. Our team is filled with professional editors, illustrators, and formatters dedicated to guiding you through the entire publishing process. If you were to do it yourself, you would either need to learn all of the required skills or you would need to hire editors, formatters, and distributors. You’d need to know how to hire illustrators and cover designers, and then there is marketing and publicity experts. As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. So, in hiring a publishing partner like EABooks, you vet us, and we’ve vetted the team who will do all of the work for you  


Industry Know-How  

When you partner with a professional publishing company, you’re backed by a team of industry professionals, many of whom are also published authors. We know the publishing process inside and out, providing advice based on years of industry experience and best practices. Our team includes editors, designers, audiobook specialists, and marketing professionals who can help you through every stage of self-publishing. We believe so much in the partnership concept that we’ve even hired an Author Liaison, whose primary job is to answer your questions and usher you through the process from submission to publication. 


Work with a Self-Publishing Partner to Get Your Book Published   

EABooks Publishing is a professional self-publishing partner and not a vanity press. We help guide you through every aspect of the self-publishing process. We’re here for new and seasoned authors with a story to tell who need help navigating the complexities of self-publishing. We offer various publishing services and packages to fit your needs. View all the services we offer. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your book and publishing needs. Looking for more self-publishing resources? View our blog

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