Will My Book Make a Good Self-Published Audiobook?

One of the hottest new trends for authors is the audiobook. In 2022, there was a double-digit increase in audiobook titles available. For Christian authors, the demand is intense, while supplies are low. You may wonder if you should offer your already-published book in audiobook format. It depends! Some books are better when read and pondered. Others are best read aloud because they build to a climax or challenge the listener. The question then becomes, will your book make a good audiobook? Below, we explore what you should consider before self-publishing your audiobook.

Know Your Listener

The first aspect you should consider when determining whether to self-publish your audiobook is to understand the wants and desires of your ideal reader/listener. Audiobooks are for on-the-go readers. These readers include anyone from business professionals commuting to work to stay-at-home moms looking to enjoy a few relaxing minutes while waiting in the school car line. Most audiobooks are accessed while driving and are listened to during commutes in 30 to 60-minute intervals. Audiobook readers are highly educated and seek motivation, self-improvement, and knowledge. They are also like traditional Christian book readers who hunger for spiritual renewal. They struggle to juggle work, home, and faith. Does your book speak to these desires? If so, it will make a good audiobook.

Have Excellent Narration

A narrator will make or break an audiobook. An engaging narrator hones their craft. They are like dancers or musicians who practice and tune their instruments daily. They are professionals and develop their skills through voice coaching and experience. They are also tuned into current industry best practices.

We’re often asked whether you, as an author, should narrate your audiobook. Yes, you know your book better than anyone. Yes, no one else will be as passionate about your message. Yes, people love you when you speak and say they could listen to you for hours. However, recording an audiobook is different than simply talking to someone during a face-to-face conversation or publicly at a presentation. You'll want to eliminate poor speaking habits like dropping the ends of sentences and using filler words to narrate your audiobook successfully. You'll also need specific equipment to ensure excellent sound quality in your recording. While it’s possible to narrate your own audiobook, it’s not always the best choice. At EABooks Publishing, we have a team of professional narrators who we can match you with to self-publish your audiobook.

Attract Buyers

In addition to knowing your listener, you’ll need to assess whether your story appeals to the average audiobook listener. Does your book have a title and description that engages the listener and piques their interest? Unlike print books, which attract readers based on their covers, audiobooks attract buyers based on their titles and descriptions.

Trending Audiobook Genres

Many genres make good audiobooks. Here are some of the most popular self-published audiobook genres for 2024 and beyond:

● Poetry

● Business

● Personal Development / Self-Help

● Memoirs

● General Non-Fiction

● Contemporary Fiction

● Narrative History

● Comedy

How to Determine Whether Your Book Will Be a Good Audiobook

The best way to determine whether your book will make a good self-published audiobook is to ask your current readers about their audiobook habits and preferences. Here are a few ways you can request feedback from your readers:

Create a Poll

Whether it’s a poll on your author Facebook Page or a thread on your X (formally Twitter) account, social media offers one of the most powerful ways to get reader feedback with minimal effort. People love sharing their opinions online, and social media tools like polls and surveys make it easier than ever.

Interview Readers

Having one-on-one conversations with your readers will help you understand what they want from their reading experiences. You can develop interview questions about their reading preferences and schedule quick, 10-minute virtual coffee chats over Zoom to get their feedback.

Email Your List

You can send a specific email to your targeted email list requesting replies with their feedback. Just make sure you have a way to capture their responses and analyze the data they give you.

Audiobook Trends for 2024

Knowing the trends and statistics for audiobook readers will determine if your book will make a good self-published audiobook. Here are some of the latest audiobook statistics:

●       On average, 270 million people listen to audiobooks each month.

●       The audiobook market is expected to grow by over 25% each year for the next seven years, while traditional book publishing is only expected to increase by 2%.

●       Audiobook sales are projected to account for over 20% of global book sales by 2030.

●       Fiction audiobooks account for 65% of audiobook sales.

●       Women are 13% more likely to listen to audiobooks than men.

●       In 2021, 57% of Americans under 50 listened to an audiobook at some point.

These statistics will help you identify a target audiobook listener and determine whether it aligns with your ideal reader.

How to Self-Publish an Audiobook

The first step in self-publishing your audiobook is to have an already-published print or ebook with audiobook publishing rights. Then, you’ll need to choose an audiobook publisher or a self-publishing partner.

Once you select a partner to produce and distribute your audiobook, you’ll want to choose a narrator. Many audiobook publishers and self-publishing partners work with a team of professional narrators who you can use to narrate your book. Once you select a narrator, schedule a pre-recording meeting with the narrator and your publishing partner. During this meeting, you’ll discuss narration specifics like character name and setting pronunciations, the book background, and other relevant information that the narrator will need to record your audiobook well. Then, it’s time to hit record!

While your book is being recorded, have a graphic designer design your audiobook’s thumbnail and write your audiobook description. You’ll also need to file for your audiobook ISBN (you'll need a different ISBN than your print edition). Once your recording is complete, you’ll get to review it. Then, your book will be uploaded for distribution on platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Cross-Current, and Walmart.

Self-Publish Your Audiobook With EABooks Publishing

EABooks Publishing is your self-publishing partner for whatever format you want to tell your story, whether through traditional print editions, ebooks, or audiobooks. Our audiobooks division is filled with experienced professionals in the industry who will help you get your book recorded and distributed effectively. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you share your story with the world!

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